Hollywood celebs need to set example

I appreciated Bruce “Pete” Williams’ letter on his calling out the Hollywood celebs’ behavior.

They’re standing on stage accepting awards and using profanity and bashing every decent thing about our country instead of helping mend it.

Williams is right: Hollywood never pays for its words and actions. I agree, they need to open up their mansions, their wallets and do a real mission.

Then, I read Elizabeth Shade’s letter, and how she doesn’t have the real facts on the caged people. It was Obama’s administration and CNN who ran the pictures, not President Trump. CNN even retracted what they did.

Shade talks of humanity and empathy.

Does she even fathom how Trump’s helping the innocent unborn babies and our veterans who die for us every day?

That’s why President Trump needs to be right where he is — in the White House.

Barbara Flis