Congress needs more who served country

There was plenty of drama during the lengthy congressional hearing with disgraced FBI agent Peter Strok.

Sadly, the congressional inquiry into bias and abuse of power by anti-Trump Strok was more of a partisan circus than an inquiry into the truth.

I was appalled by the behavior of the Democrats on the Oversight Committee, who were more interested in defending the indefensible than ascertaining how Strok could be trusted to lead an unbiased inquiry.

What was particularly appalling was Tennessee Democrat Steve Cohen saying that Strok should be awarded a Purple Heart for the hard questions that he had to contend with.

I find Cohen’s statement abhorrent, as I actually served both in Iraq and Afghanistan and have seen true sacrifice. No, Strok has done nothing to deserve a Purple Heart.

Yet Congressman Cohen personifies the type of people that we keep sending to Washington. He is a wealthy attorney and lifelong politician.

Sitting adjacent to Cohen was Congressman Hank Johnson of Georgia, who is on record saying that Guam would flip over if we deployed more military personnel to the island. And guess what? He, too, is a wealthy attorney who never served his country. In fact, only 18 percent of our congressional members have served in the military.

We deserve better. It’s time to put men and women in office that will actually fight for us — and fight for our country.

Douglas Mastriano


(Editor’s note: The writer ran the Republican nomination for the U.S. 13th Congressional District in May and was defeated.)