70-plus years on earth have wrought lessons

I didn’t vote for the president, and I’m not happy with the way that things are going in the country.

But my 70-plus years have taught me the joys and sorrows of partisan politics.

What I do know for sure is what I’m really missing in the White House. I know for certain because I’ve witnessed and felt a connection to our first families in the past. These are the customs that I cherish:

A real sense of joy and spirit of love.

A balanced family life.

Embrace the diversity of all of God’s children.

A genuine effort to welcome and expose the great artists

of America.

An understanding of what peace means for our world.

A progressive, intellectual, humanitarian-minded, environmentally conscious nation versus a militarized police state consumed by fear and aggression.

Family pets and their shenanigans.

I don’t want to know every bi-partisan thought that comes to the president’s mind.

A president who can really make fun of himself.

Give and take with family members and vice presidential family members.

A press secretary who is decent, respectful and humorous.

Seeing our first family worshipping together because it’s a habit to worship God together.

Poking fun and frivolous play with family, associates and citizens of the world.

No need to bully, create childish names for associates or speak to only segments of America.

A model for my grandkids and.

A glimpse of occasional rest and peace.

Absolutely no need to swear like a sailor to make a point.

A group of Americans looking for ways to serve, not for ways to be served.

A real sense of joy and a spirit of love.

You sure can disagree with my vote, but not how I feel or what I miss.

Linda Ritchey Lesnevich