Summit with N.Korea can be building block

This letter concerns the recent summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and some related issues.

First of all, I disagree with a comment made in a Mirror editorial on this summit that North Korea might have some secret plan to invade South Korea and set up a Kim Jong Un-type dictatorship there.

That’s not going to happen — not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow.

They are smarter than that and they have enough on their plate already. In reality, U.S. troops should be withdrawn from the Korean Peninsula. They do nothing but give the North Korean ruling elite a propaganda tool to legitimize the regimentation of their people and the building up of an already large military force.

Concerning denuclearization, I support this on the Korean Peninsula and all across the globe, including in countries such as the USA and Israel. I never thought that North Korea posed a nuclear threat to our country.

As mentioned, they are an intelligent people and know what a nuclear assault on this country would be — the end of thinking that North Korea has a right to nuclear weapons as long as U.S. imperialism has them in its crosshairs.

This is not support for the bizarre regime that exists in North Korea. It is support for the right of small and poor nations to defend themselves from the machinations of larger imperial powers.

Of course, the fears that North Koreans feel about our country are not irrational. During the Korean War, we dropped more bombs on Korea than we dropped in WWII. Cities were leveled, and hundreds of thousands died.

Hopefully, the recent summit will begin a process of healing and more rational policies.

Nick Brisini

Glen Campbell