Shuster deserves credit for actions on Farm Bill

Rep. Bill Shuster deserves credit for standing up for taxpayers and trying to improve the Farm Bill that recently failed in the House of Representatives.

He demonstrated leadership by attempting to inject common sense free market reforms to sugar program price supports and supply controls which forces Americans to pay twice as much for sugar as the rest of the world.

His amendment on the wasteful final bill demonstrates that Rep. Shuster will stand with taxpayers and against Washington special interests.

Prior to 2014, a Farm Bill had never failed to pass the House Floor. Now it’s happened twice in five years. Business as usual Farm Bills are no longer an option.

It’s time all communities and all corners of the agriculture sector are heard, rather than simply those with the best lobbyists.

Proposed improvements to the bill must be won or lost on the merits instead of being scuttled by leadership behind closed doors and without a vote as was recently the case.

Failure to pass the status-quo Farm Bill provides Congress a rare do over.

They should take this opportunity and write and actually debate a Farm Bill that is cost-effective, transparent, responsive to need, and most importantly, accountable to taxpayers footing the bill.

Ryan Alexander


Taxpayers for Common Sense

Washington, D.C.