Program keeps dads, kids connected

The June 17 article in the Mirror discussed a program offered to help incarcerated dads to have continued contact with their children in Blair County.

In recent years, the amount of inmates has increased throughout the state and Blair County. It has led to an alarming number of children in homes without a father figure.

This program, aimed at continuing relationships of fathers, is crucial for so many reasons. Early childhood is a time when children create bonds with their parents, and programs such as this improve the probability of secure bonds being created.

The quality setting of this program is one key to securing these relationships.

These programs are expensive and difficult to manage, but studies have shown that no contact is worse for both the inmate and their children.

These programs are crucial for both the parents and the children.

It has been found that participating inmates are less likely to suffer from depression, while the children who participate are more likely to gain self-esteem and are less likely to drop out.

I applaud Blair County for their efforts to keep family connections open and strong while a parent is incarcerated.

Rebecca Ayers