New world order follows Trump down wrong road

So, as we move further along in a Trumpian world, I can see the world move in the same direction.

Building walls, making deals suspiciously assuming everyone is out to take advantage of them, closing borders to anyone who does not look like them, or believe like them, with leaders sowing doubt about all institutions so that you do not know who to believe, except the leader himself.

We as Americans have seen this play out in Russia, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, Egypt. The list is very long.

We could always say, these people so obviously lie, how can anyone believe them? And yet, we now find ourselves in a similar situation. Our leaders sow doubt about every American institution, define real Americans as only those who agree with the leader, who believe everyone is out to deny them their rightful place in America.

What has made America great always has been people deciding that America is a big place with room for everyone who has a dream of a great future. Now, we are deciding that America is under siege from forces that are known by “those people.” Either Eastern elites, code for liberals or moderates actually or people of color, they do not differentiate.

Each day, I hear rhetoric that cutting taxes for all is the answer to open the flood gates of growth.

But cutting taxes strangles schools, the place we want to inspire students to show what is possible. Lower pay for teachers discourages bright individuals from pursing it as a career and prevents innovation.

Cutting regulations to unleash growth has merit.

But remember, regulations exist primarily because corporations are not responsible brokers of our planet. They are driven by profit and will pollute, pay low wages, ignore safety of workers in the service of profit.

This is why we have regulation — not to stifle growth but to promote innovation to have both growth and safety.

Need I say anything about school safety? Who benefits from a failure to act? Money talks, and students lives are lost. Cowards all.

Stephen LoRusso