In time of need, kindness answers

On Thursday, June 14, I was leaving Macy’s in the Logan Valley Mall when I tripped and fell on the sidewalk.

Vehicles were approaching from opposite directions when two young women (unknown to each other) immediately exited their cars to come assist me. They helped me to my feet and escorted me to my car.

I assured them that my daughter, Stephanie, is the assistant general manager at the Altoona Hampton Inn, located directly across from the mall. I was going to inform her what had just happened, and I knew she would help me.

When she saw me, she immediately went to gather medical supplies, and I headed for the restroom close to the lobby. On my way there I shockingly tripped, again, and fell, causing even more damage.

Once, again, I was helped to a chair located nearby.

Luckily, as I was entering the hotel, I noticed a chartered bus just outside the entrance. It was for a sports team checking into the hotel. With the team was a medical professional who immediately came to check me out. He assured me that probably no bones were broken, but there was significant bruising.

My daughter insisted that I be seen at the UPMC Altoona emergency department.

When we arrived, a gentleman kindly provided a wheelchair and escorted me to the registration desk. From that point on, I was treated with exceptional care. From the customer care coordinator in the waiting area to the nurses, technicians and doctor, I was amazed.

Learning from the CAT scan and X-rays that nothing was broken, I was able to leave.

Unfortunately, overnight and into the next morning, I realized that pain was located in an area that wasn’t evident the day before. I contacted my primary care physician, and she requested an X-ray. Arriving at Conemaugh Nason Medical Center, Roaring Spring, I was immediately given an X-ray and treated by kind and caring personnel.

Blair County is extremely fortunate to have two outstanding medical facilities with dedicated and efficient staff.

Lucinda K. Weyant