Immigrants need to get here legally

I cannot believe the support for illegal immigrants. It must be for political reasons.

Other countries have not allowed immigrants to just flood them. It’s a good way to get bad apples with the good.

My relatives came here legally, except my native American great-great-great-grandmother. My wife’s relatives did the same. Why can’t these people perform their immigration legally?

We need this kind of immigrant like we need a headache. Then the Mexican government sent people to “make certain their rights were honored.”

Give me a break.

Children, especially small ones, should not be taken from their mothers. It’s too scary. But the older children should be investigated. We have enough illegal, prison-bound citizens involved in gangs and violent organizations.

President Donald Trump is trying to do what is best for the country. If allowed, he will get it all ironed out.

Keeping the children with their mothers and, hopefully, their dads.

It will be better to process them more expeditiously.

William Snyder Jr.