Following Trump down a better road

This is in response to Stephen LoRusso’s letter of June 19 and all the other people who still don’t realize why President Donald Trump got elected.

He is, no doubt, a flawed man. Show me one who isn’t, but he had a bravado that no existing politician had.

I watched as he dismantled the Republican establishment. I watched as Hillary Clinton and the Democrats stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders, and then the questions of Clinton’s integrity. And Trump won.

He promised lower taxes, secure borders and less regulations — and man did he deliver.

Just think if the so-called progressives were on board what we could do together. I have been in business, successfully, all my life.

I, along with others who are in business, have a renewed sense of what can be accomplished with knowledge, focus and hard work again and some breaks.

Let’s talk schools. We have pre-K, free breakfast and lunches and meals — and in some cases seven days a week — and now were hearing about free college. Don’t even get me started about all our underfunded pensions.

What has happened to personal responsibility? Rules and regulations and taxes are all good in moderation.

And, yes, we do need a wall, if only to affirm we are a country with borders and laws that should not be broken.

I have always believed that America is advanced citizenship as long as everyone contributes instead of asking, “What’s in it for me?”

Jim Moore