First lady Trump learning on the job

Let me begin by saying this is not a criticism of first lady, Melania Trump.

Over the course of her time as first lady, I came to like, respect and pity Melania. She gets bashed for something every time she makes a public appearance.

Most recently, it was the jacket she wore when she went to visit the migrant children.

On the reverse side was what looked like a hand-written statement, “I don’t really care.”

We were assured she took it off before she visited the kids.

My question is: What did she not care about? Hubby Donald was quick to tell us that the statement referred to the “fake media,” not the kids.

She was there, so obviously she did care about the kids. Was it just a bad wardrobe choice? It didn’t reflect her impeccable fashion sense. Was it a message for her husband? Did they disagree on some household issue? Or was it a message for her critics?

Most of our first ladies have grown into their roles by being married to up-and-coming politicians. They learned the rules of political life and thickened their skins as they accompanied their husbands to the Oval Office.

I doubt Melania Trump has the thick skin Barbara Bush, Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton have developed.

So let’s just say that Melania aimed that statement at her critics in the quickest most effective way possible.

Or better yet, let’s just say it was a favorite jacket, and she didn’t think about how that statement would come across to the American public.

Janis Kinney