Conservatives should respect constitution

I have been waiting for someone to point out that the authority of President Donald Trump is not his personal property.

He did not acquire property rights to/over it because of the grant of authority of the Electoral College.

The authority of the U.S. president, however, is a public trust, something entrusted to him by the Electoral College.

He is expected to hand the office and its authority over to his next-elected successor intact and, if possible, enhance, rather than degraded, eroded and demeaned.

Perhaps it is because Trump is a real estate developer that he has only the concept of property rather than the concept, which his predecessors have understood that this authority is not owned by him but rather entrusted to him.

We should be articulating this distinction as often, as clearly and as loudly as possible.

Even most of Trump’s supporters would, I think, agree that the president’s authority is not his personal property but a grant, a trust.

It cannot be constitutionally used capriciously without a solid foundation of knowledge and without respect for what predecessors have built the office into.

Conservatives should be the first to respect the constitution, which made the role of president an executive one, not a monarchical one.

John Turner