Administration bias ‘distressing’

I am an immigrant.

In 1971, my husband, infant son and I arrived in the United States as immigrants.

Like so many before and after us, we were seeking a future in our new home free from violence, corruption and lawlessness. We were fleeing a military dictatorship with thousands of disappearances.

After almost a half a century after our arrival, we are still most grateful for the warmth and generosity of those who welcomed us. One of my most cherished memories is the day when the three of us became citizens of this great country.

Our journey is as similar to those of the millions that preceded us and forged this wonderful nation as it is to the immigrants of today.

Today, I am distressed and dismayed by our administration bias and cruel approach toward immigrants and asylum seekers.

In particular, the most vulnerable, children, should not be incarcerated and separated from their parents. Rather, they should be nourished and protected.

I want to appeal to our elected officials in Washington, D.C., to have the courage to stop this action that is being implemented in all our names.

Elena Chabela Grab