There’s nothing wrong with using whole milk

Real milk is good. It’s good for you and me and most other people.

The recent announcement from a fast-food chain that it’s dropping the whole milk in the kids meal to 2 percent got me to thinking. What are they trying to do? The one-twelfth of an ounce difference will not cause obese children if they drink whole milk.

Taking out french fries would make more difference. The fat in milk helps to defer hunger longer. Sodas are what cause obesity.

The milk promoters don’t have it quite right, either. They should be advertising whole milk as 96 percent fat free or 2 percent as 98 percent fat free.

My recent traveling at one place had only 2 percent as chocolate milk, which left a bad taste in my mouth. At another place, I was able to get whole chocolate milk, which tasted good.

Rickets are showing up in Europe from not consuming enough real milk.

Nut juice should not be with dairy products in stores. Milk comes from mammals, not from trees.

More milk would be sold, and there could be a shortage if it would be available. Many city stores don’t have it available or run out by mid-morning. So that means people aren’t using what they would like to.

By the way, 1 percent or skim milk is a joke to choke on. For one thing, it is not real anymore, as they add water and white chalk-like powder to make it look like milk.

One of the biggest problems of the so-called oversupply of milk is the people controlling the price. The stores in Pennsylvania should be allowed to run sales with reduced prices. People would buy on sale and then use it up before it sours.

Those laws that were made that the milk for schools has to come from milk co-ops is unethical. It is a form of government overreach or communism.

Paul H. Rissler

New Enterprise