Schmitt would represent ‘us’

I would like the readers to consider casting their votes for Lou Schmitt, who is running for state representative, 79th District.

Schmitt grew up in my neighborhood on the 800 block of Fourth Avenue in Altoona, so I’ve known him for a while. He gained fame because of his tall stature, which helped to make a name for himself on the basketball courts.

I bring Schmitt’s athletic prowess up to make the point that he never let fame go to his head.

He used his athletic ability to facilitate earning a college degree, and then moved to law school to earn his law degree. Schmitt has continued to improve his knowledge since graduating and is a certified arbitrator. He has vowed to cut the perks gathered by representatives in Harrisburg.

He is against convicted felons receiving a state pension. He is one of us. He will fight for us in Harrisburg.

Joseph B. Eckels