Leave Raystown just the way it is

I’d like to refer to the front page article of April 1 regarding potential Raystown development.

This has been a concern of mine dating back to the very beginning when the plan was for flood control. The initial plan did not include areas for recreation.

The acreage necessary to cover the flood plain is a certain number, but the total land acreage is 8,300.

When the desire for recreation was presented to the Army Corps of Engineers by one of its employees, the number of acres desired was vastly increased, thus causing many properties to be condemned. Thus, those property owners were required to lose their land for recreation and not flood control.

Because of the loss of the additional land, a number of people succumbed because of added stress. I was much younger then, but I witnessed the distress this caused.

I can’t understand how it can be legal for that same ground to be leased or sold to a private individual from Texas to make a land grab to make money for himself.

It is suggested that he will add parking for 150 additional boats and free access to the launch site. Many people suggest it is too crowded now especially on weekends. If that land is sold or leased, should the former owners share in the profits?

For the article to suggest that, if approved, the plan for all purposes would benefit the economy of Huntingdon County is not a guarantee. The legend section to the right of the article is not readable. Is something hidden there that the contributor doesn’t want us to know?

If this issue were placed on the local ballot, it would be a no vote.

R. Dean Fluke


(The writer is a former Huntingdon County commissioner.)