Halvorson stands out from crowded field

In this year’s primary election, we the people have an important decision to make.

The newly formed 13th Congressional District has an abundance of candidates running for an open seat. Of all the candidates, only one has signed a pledge to serve a term limit of six years, or three terms. He has also pledged to join the Conservative Freedom Caucus.

This candidate, Capt. Art Halvorson, has had a stellar military career serving in key leadership positions. He is a true conservative and a man of conviction.

“Drain the swamp” has become a popular slogan against the establishment. In order to drain the swamp, term limits are necessary. Incumbents and promoted party members are backed with large sums of money.

It’s not about who can stuff your mailbox with political ads, but about who can offer true conservative leadership.

Vote Art Halvorson and rescue America.

Earl Eck