State contributes to financial crisis

You have read a lot about the proposed Altoona Area High School.

The present board and superintendent will be long gone when taxpayers are still paying the bills. I don’t know many people who make more money in retirement than they did working.

Most taxpayers worked all their lives to pay off a home, put away a nestegg and hopefully have a decent retirement income.

Now for the facts of life in Blair County:

The state pension debt is growing at almost $1 billion — that’s billion with a B — per month.

Next is your county. After reassessment, most taxes increased, but to add insult to injury, they were allowed to add another 10 percent to cover their pension shortfall.

By the way, you can thank Sen. John Eichelberger for his contribution toward both of those, or should I say lack thereof.

Then there is the city’s crisis. Add cost of living, health care … should I go on?

Now to my point: There are charter, cyber, Catholic schools and school mergers.

If you want new schools, maybe you could pay more in taxes. If you have children, pay an admission fee per child. If you can’t afford it, don’t have children.

My wife and I have already planned our retirement, and I assure you, it doesn’t include Pennsylvania.

Come on taxpayers, wake up.

Jim Moore