So much for Trump ‘draining the swamp’

This forum does not allow me the space to address all of Donald Trump’s lies and broken campaign promises, and his budget is a slap in the face to his conservative base.

It will add billions to our deficit and eventually trillions to our national debt.

Twelve top administration officials have resigned because of incompetence, corruption, accusations of domestic abuse or criminal indictments. So much for “draining the swamp.”

Trump’s constant demonizing of the free press and his tacit support for some white supremacists is a page taken directly out of the fascist playbook, likewise his lack of empathy for victims of domestic abuse and support for the men accused of such.

His Afghanistan policy of more troops and more money is quite the opposite of his campaign pledge, but I will give him credit for continuing President Barack Obama’s policy of using drones and ally support for keeping ISIS on the run.

Trump’s remarks concerning our war heroes and Gold Star families are an embarrassment to all veterans, especially from someone who used bone spurs as an excuse to get a draft deferment. Bone spurs certainly haven’t kept the liar-in-chief from golfing every weekend.

Everyone in our intelligence community and most Republican members of Congress agree that Russia interfered in our election, yet Trump refuses to impose sanctions on Russia that Congress has overwhelmingly approved.

When Trump was elected, I knew that I would be amused for the next few years, but I’m sorry to say, it’s at the expense of our country.

Mike Scarton