Shore’s liberal views ‘devoid of facts, logic’

The letter written by Dennis Shore promoting abortion and asking why pro-lifers don’t adopt has got to be the most moronic letter I’ve seen written to the Mirror.

Shore completely ignores the fact that thousands of people yearn to adopt annually but are forced to go overseas or give up due to the wait, costs and regulations which make it overly difficult to adopt.

I’m betting Shore would join Sen. Kamala Harris of Cal. in wanting pictures of those slain in the Florida school massacre to be shown publicly as an argument for gun control. Yet he would never want pictures of aborted children shown.

Such is the hypocrisy and immorality of the liberal agenda.

Shore thought he would get no comments on his letter, but he was wrong on that and on so many other levels.

People like Shore are the reason President Trump got elected. His liberal views are devoid of facts, logic and morality.

Dave Schmelzlen