Plenty of couples waiting to adopt

I am writing in response to Dennis Shore’s comments on why we pro-lifers should take a child that was going to be aborted and raise them ourselves.

Please note that Shore identifies them as “babies and children.” To me this means that we pro-lifers are making inroads, as only a few years ago these babies were referred to as “blobs or non-human.”

Now for some statistics: There are an estimated two million couples currently waiting to adopt in the USA with as many as 36 couples competing for each child currently available — all waiting with loving hearts.

There are approximately 700,000 abortions performed every year. With two million couples seeking to adopt, one can clearly see that homes for unaborted children are available.

As a matter of fact, a pregnant woman is able to choose the perfect adoptive parents for her child. Do the math. Homes for these babies are available.

Michael J. Kline