Mocking Christianity also must stop

If I insult a Jewish person, I am called anti-semetic and ostracized.

If I insult an African-American, I am called racist and ostracized.

If I insult a Muslim, I am called an Islamaphobe and ostracized.

If I insult an LGBTQ person, I am called a homophobe and ostracized.

If I am a man, and insult (or worse) a woman, I am called a mysogonist and suffer severe consequences, as well documented lately in the news.

Any of the above can land me in trouble to the point where I could lose my job, my reputation and even land me in jail.

If I insult, ridicule and trash a Christian, I am called a TV talk show host or a comedian. Hmmmm, does anyone else think we need a new set of rules here?

Sandy Harshberger