‘Life is no accident, begins at conception’

I am writing in response to the letter stating that “Pro-lifers should raise the babies.”

I have been unable to stop thinking about this letter since reading it and felt compelled to speak up. I am the very proud mother of a beautiful six-year-old daughter born through the miracle of in-vitro fertilization.

I am also a woman who has experienced six heart-wrenching miscarriages. Each pregnancy resulted from fertility treatments. Through the help of technology, I was able to watch each of my babies grow from a tiny embryo, cells expanding before my eyes. I saw their tiny hearts beating on the ultrasound screen as early as five weeks gestation.

Although there was never any doubt in my mind, what this process proved was life is no accident and starts at conception.

I have the great fortune of being married to a man whose biological mother chose life in Seoul, South Korea, in 1978. I can’t imagine what she went through, but I thank her for making the choice to give him life.

Had she made the choice to end his life, my life would be vastly different. To her I owe my world.

So clearly I have a lot of reasons to be pro-life, and if anyone in the news media would ask me if I “would like to take a child that was going to be aborted to love and raise?” My answer would be yes, please!

We made the decision to pursue fertility treatments because we wanted a family of our own. My husband has no biological family in his life, so what better gift to give him than a child he helped to create?

However, we would gladly raise one of these babies meant for abortion and love them like our own. I know lots of other families would agree.

So what is stopping us from doing so? The adoption process is very expensive and can be very emotionally grueling. Anyone doing their research would know that adoption can cost up to $50,000 and sometimes take up to three years.

Unlike birth control, there is no help to cover adoption costs and, personally, my family and I have been through loads of emotional turmoil with my fertility struggles, so the drawn out adoption process is not one I’m sure we could handle.

Dennis Shore asks, “Why are they (media) afraid to put these people in a position to answer a question they have no answer for?”

To him, I say find one brave enough to dare.

Oh and P.S., I hope my “excuses” are worthy enough for him.

Jessica Standridge