Forefathers would cringe at gun violence

Is there anyone, including hunters or gun collectors as well as “stick-up-men,” that believes that, in the year of 1785, the framers and signers of our Second Amendment to the constitution would have been supporters and endorsers of the present ongoing mayhem that the present generation faces because of those signatures?

Would great American leaders like James Madison and Patrick Henry ever have signed such a decree that has led to the slaughter of hundreds of our school children?

How were these signers to know more than 200 years later, the tragedy and sadness it would cause? And that the number will rapidly rise unless some common sense prevails.

The only weapons that were available in the year 1785 were the musket rifle and the one-shot pistol. And they were both primarily used for hunting food for the supper table and defense of the attacks by Native Indian warriors that concerned our forefathers.

You can be sure these same Native Indians never raided school rooms. In reality, we cannot blame any of the signers of our great constitution that gave us so much.

The blame of today’s massacres lies solely with the politicians whose only concern are getting elected.

John K.Coyle