Commissioners take from wrong people

Blair County commissioners Ted Beam, Bruce Erb and Terry Tomassetti searched line by line, had many sleepless nights and even felt bad for the poor and those on fixed incomes. But they had to make the budget work.

I’m so glad they are pleased with the Martinsburg-Altoona Blair County Airport, which has been paid for by taxpayers’ money for decades, and that the county government employees’ pension fund will be filled.

Those people who are poor and on fixed incomes, just turn down your thermostats 5-10 degrees to help pay for these government projects.

If Trump holds back the $125 million that was to go to Palestine, maybe our commissioners could go to Washington, D.C., and ask Trump for some of that money.

I do believe a few dollars came from the taxpayers in Blair County, but only after our commissioners get a good night’s sleep.

Frank Hunter