Character education, faith lacking in schools

The school shooting in Florida has weighed heavily on our hearts.

As an educator for 14 years, I believe when one person took prayer and God out of public schools, we did a disservice to our students and teachers.

If one person can take this away, then one person should be able to bring back what is needed: Our nation’s motto, “In God We Trust,” is not being understood the way our forefathers planned.

What would they say about where our country is now? They would be ashamed and embarrassed.

Schools need to be safe, and our students need to feel protected. I do believe we need a plan and we need one fast. Our country should start working together. We have one God, one country and one flag.

We need to stand united for our children.

I also believe that our schools need to bring character education into the classroom.

Let’s build our children’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Let’s focus on children so that they can be excited to go to school and want to learn. If our children have fear of safety in school, how can they concentrate on their education?

I’ve taught in five different counties in various states. The last school was in Virginia and was a huge proponent of character education.

That particular school was able to make vast improvements. All that it took was a few caring teachers to turn a school where no one wanted to go into one parents requested.

How? It did not happen over night, but with passionate and dedicated teachers that were willing to implement character education, positive change did come.

We had monthly character education assemblies. The gym was so packed we went beyond capacity. The school was electrified by the students’ and teachers’ enthusiasm.

It was awesome to see our school as one all working together as the students and teachers sang various songs related to the character trait for that particular month.

The students would also perform a skit for which they prepared all month. My hope is that our schools will consider adding character education into their curriculums.

If we come together as one nation, we will be one United States of America that is safe and one that our children will remember as a happy one.

Jennifer Blair