Writer invited to learn pro-life

I’m writing in response to a letter from Dennis Shore printed in the Feb. 17 Mirror.

I have very little to disagree on with the author. In fact, I appreciate that he recognizes that the unborn are children, as referenced in his final two paragraphs.

My disappointment in this letter is that clearly we have been unsuccessful in educating people about what it means to be pro-life.

I invite Shore to be my guest at the Precious Life banquet on March 9 at the Jaffa Shrine. The only stipulation is that he come with an open mind to hear what we work for every day.

Anyone who attends will hear about the work of organizations as well as individuals who have dedicated their lives to protecting children, not just from abortion, but beyond birth.

Shore claims “the solution is simple.” I agree that it is, but I disagree that abortion is that “simple solution.”

One simple solution would be to make adoption easier and cheaper than having an abortion. Why should ending a life be many thousands of times cheaper than saving one?

The doors open at 5:30 p.m. on March 9. There will be a ticket with Dennis Shore’s name on it, waiting at the door. I invite him earnestly and honestly, not to argue or intimidate, in fact no one else needs to know who he is.

I invite him to learn what the simple answer is.

A.C. Stickel