Trump must respect ‘greatest generation’

I couldn’t believe my eyes today when I read in the Mirror that Donald Trump wants to eliminate the LIHEAP program along with a slew of other federally-funded programs.

This is definitely an all-new low for his administration. He needs to recoup some of the money the country lost on his tax breaks for his wealthy campaign contributors and for his big, new spending bill aimed at increasing funding for our military, which sounds like a good idea, but read this:

My 94-year-old mother is a Marine Corps veteran of WWII. She gets heating assistance through the LIHEAP program, and I’m sure there are plenty of other veterans in this country receiving the same.

I can’t believe we are talking about taking away heating assistance from that group of Americans known as “the greatest generation” — those men and women who served their country, something Trump wouldn’t do, fighting the Nazis and the Japanese.

Somebody needs to get some of Trump’s saliva and do a DNA test because there is no way he is a human being. No human being — or, like his supporters like to claim, a good Christian man — would take away heating assistance from the elderly.

It’s unconscionable, but I suppose he doesn’t have one.

Pat Lidwell