Student: AASD should build new

As a student at Altoona Area High School, the new ‘B’ building is the best option for our kids.

When you walk into the ‘B building’ of Altoona Area High School, it immediately looks dated. You can hear the pipes howling and hear everything going on in the neighboring classrooms.

In the past week and a half we have had a pipe burst in the basement causing an unidentified odor.

In one of the teachers’ offices, it reeks of urine. Yes, teachers can do a lot with the teaching, but they can only do so much when they are teaching in a 100-year-old building. Very few people are excited and want to come to school when they are cooped up in a big box with no personality.

I am a student who is benefiting from the sample furniture in a classroom. This is making me excited to come to school. The jobs of the board members are to make sure the kids of our district are getting the best education possible — not just an adequate education.

One of the main concerns of citizens is the taxes. The average house in Altoona costs $115,000. The taxes would be $7 extra for 10 years. That’s $7 to build a new school.

One of the first things people look at when buying a home are the schools in the area. There are people who live in State College and Tyrone who commute to Altoona because they do not want their kid going to a 100-year-old school.

Why are we sacrificing the future of our city and the future generations because citizens do not want to spend an extra $7? The citizens of Altoona are uninformed as to how much this could help the city at not very much cost.

The new school may never affect me, but it is what is best for the future of the city and the future generations.

Check your facts, Altoona.

Jarrett Gillespie