Shade should stop degrading president

Kudos to the Feb. 17 letter on the Opinion page written by Romeo DeBartolome in response to an article written by Elizabeth Shade.

I agree with DeBartolome 100 percent.

Shade’s letters constantly degrade our president, Donald Trump. Is this all she can think about, and then the Mirror has the audacity to print her “constant rantings” of the president?

Is there no better opinion articles to publish or are they so to the left they are in agreement?

I guess we all agree with DeBartolome when he states that “the Shade letter makes me wonder if mental health counseling is appropriate or is she just one of Hillary’s deplorables.”

Lying, crooked Hillary Clinton lost the election — get over it — and hopefully soon she will be convicted of her many crimes along with her co-conspirators.

Trump is here to stay — a two-term president.

Phyllis Hetrick