Pro-lifers should raise the babies

Every year, they march in Washington D.C., across America and in our area against abortion.

I have said before the solution is simple: All pro-lifers should take these babies to raise so they are not aborted.

They say life should be treasured, but if the people saying this do not do everything humanly possible to save life, these words mean nothing.

How many of these people will write to the Mirror and say, “I would raise one of these children to save a life?”

How many pastors, priests, rabbis, etc. would stand in front of their parishioners and say “God and Christ would want you to do this to save these precious souls?”

Trump said if abortion was illegal and a woman had one, she should go to prison. But the man who got her pregnant would not be held responsible in any way. That proves what Trump thinks of women.

With all his billions of dollars, Trump would not save even one of these lives.

No one in the news media has ever asked a pro-lifer one easy question: “Would you take a child that was going to be aborted to love and raise?”

Why are they afraid to put these people in a position to answer a question they have no answer for?

There will be no comments on this letter. If there were, they would only be excuses as to why they could not save these children.

What excuse could anyone have to not save a child?

Tell us.

Dennis C. Shore