Obama missed, but wondering why

As letter writer Donna Hamilton wrote on Feb. 7, “I miss President Barack Obama.”

I also miss him — “his quick easy smile, his dignity and grace,” — as he lied to the American people.

If you like your health insurance, you can keep it. If you like your doctors, you can keep them. Your insurance premiums will reduce about $2,500 per family.

I miss his “grace” in which he apologized to the world for “America’s greatness.”

I miss his “dignity” when, he put so many restrictions on small companies and the energy companies, that they could hardly survive. I miss his appointments of Eric Holder and his “Fast and Furious” or Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi.

I miss his support of criminals instead of law enforcement and his cry of racism.

And yes, if you disagreed with his policies, you were a racist. I miss him, disregarding the constitution.

And as for letter writer Elizabeth K. Shade, and her rant on President Donald Trump, when he was a younger wealthy man, many women were attracted to him, for fame, money or status.

Then after their rejection, they became bitter, and now (years later) accuse him of sexual harassment.

I am so glad that Hillary Clinton did not get elected, because she said, “I will carry on with President Obama’s policies.”

I am thankful we elected a man who is sometimes crude, who speaks what he believes, who tweets, drives the news media nuts and truly wants to make America great again.

Bill Carter