Millennials’ stance is encouraging

Reflecting on the horror that transpired at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last week makes me so sad to know that another community has experienced another gun tragedy.

Such gun tragedies should never happen. However, it did occur because our politicians have been so beholden to the powerful gun lobby, the NRA.

They are afraid to stand up to them and pass reasonable gun control laws. All who support those politicians by voting them into office need to shoulder the responsibility for the deaths of those 17 victims.

I was so encouraged to see and hear that the students at Stoneman Douglas are taking into their hands this task to change those gun laws. It is quite evident that my generation and generation X have failed to effectively bring about the required revision to our gun laws.

I believe this millennial generation will make the difference. They have grown up seeing how politicians, especially President Donald Trump, have been influenced and bought by influential lobbies like the NRA.

At the anti-gun rally in Florida, the students and their supporters vowed to vote those politicians out of office if they fail to pass meaningful gun control legislation. Such Stoneman Douglas student assertions and actions will fire up more students throughout the country to register and vote to change the political landscape.

I wish them well, and I encourage those members of my generation to support their efforts. The time to pass meaningful gun control legislation is now.

William J. Padamonsky Sr.