Men must share responsibility, too

Eugene Montgomery’s letter in the Jan. 27 edition of the Mirror makes it sound as though women get pregnant on their own, without any help from a male counterpart.

What should happen in the case of incest or rape? Is a woman supposed to carry this child to term, a child created by force or violence? A woman’s body is violated in the worst possible way, and she’s just supposed to grin and bear it?

What a typical male attitude. There are many sides to this equation, all of which have to be considered before issuing a blanket condemnation.

And why is it birth control is the absolute responsibility of the woman? Why are men not held responsible as well? They also have the means to prevent pregnancy, but it’s the typical male attitude again that places this responsibility solely on the woman.

Most of these men forget that if it wasn’t for a woman, they wouldn’t even exist. I’ll bet that really rankles.

Donald Trump is not someone anyone should try to emulate. How many women have accused him of sexual harassment, not to mention the Access Hollywood tape and the current embarrassment of our president having his attorney pay off a porn star with whom Trump had a sexual relationship?

If he’s innocent, why the payoff? The man is an arrogant bully who thinks he’s above the law and can do or say whatever he wants without repercussion.

Trump wanted to ban Muslims, called Mexicans rapists and murderers, belittled a judge because of his ethnicity, doesn’t want immigrants coming from “shithole” countries but rather from Norway, which has an almost totally white population.

His entire campaign was colored with the same brush. To Trump, making America great is making America white.

Elizabeth K. Shade