Legislators’ stance ‘smoke and mirrors’

I am so sick and tired of hearing Pennsylvania legislators claiming that they are not accepting the annual, automatic pay raise or that they are donating it to charity or returning it to the state.

They still get the write-off on their taxes, and the raise is added to their exorbitant pensions. Like their annual budgets, this is more smoke and mirrors. Not one of them has the guts to introduce and push a bill to eliminate this yearly, greedy money-grab.

And did anyone else notice that, in their recent Pension Reform bill, our public (self-serving) servants did not touch their own lavish pensions and benefits,which are the best in the nation?

They assert that they want to slash the cost of state government, but that is only if it does not affect them. They prove repeatedly that they put themselves above anyone else, and they have no shame or conscience.

And now we learn that we taxpayers have paid more than $3 million to settle their sexual harassment charges.

If one of us faced similar accusations, no one would hand us a get-out-of-jail free card, but the taxpayers of this commonwealth are suckered again.

And the really devious part of this is that it took years for this waste of money to surface. They did a good job of hiding it from us — more shame on them — but the press did a good job of researching and publishing it.

Until we see one politician step up and introduce legislation that will end the above shenanigans, a vote for any incumbent is a vote for the continuation of the avarice, hypocrisy, nepotism and good ‘ol boy culture that dominates Harrisburg.

Don Sheridan