First, we need to let the babies be born

This is the comment that letter writer Dennis C. Shore didn’t believe would come. He states: “All pro-lifers should take these babies to raise so they are not aborted.”

How? It is not possible to raise a dead baby? We must first prevent the abortion.

Citing The Adoption Network website, there are about 135,000 adoptions annually in the U.S.

Estimates range between 1 milion and 2 million couples are waiting to adopt. Adoptions are regulated by the states, so a national figure is not available.

They continue that there are 1,300,000 abortions annually. Only 4 percent of women with unwanted pregnancies place their children for adoption. A Reuters news article titled: “Longer wait times, higher costs for U.S. adoptions” also indicates that there are couples waiting for these children.

The flaw in Shore’s argument is that the problem is not getting “pro-lifers” to adopt children. It is to convince mothers to not kill their babies so that they can be adopted.

A mother will have to do some thinking about how and by whom she wants her baby adopted. She will need to contact an agent and receive counseling before making the decision to allow her baby to live. Then she will need to carry the baby to term.

On the other hand, she can walk into an abortion clinic at 9 a.m., get counseling, make the decision, have the abortion and still meet her girlfriends for lunch.

And what about the father? You, first of all, attempt to bring negative attitudes toward President Donald Trump into an argument where they have no bearing.

He simply stated that if a woman commits an illegal act she should be punished — totally irrelevant to this argument because we are discussing a legal act, an act in which the father has no rights.

The father cannot prevent the mother from obtaining an abortion. He has no standing. Conversely, if the mother chooses to keep her baby, the father cannot insist on an abortion. In fact, if she chooses to keep the baby, he will be forced to support that unwanted child for the next 18 years. He has no choice.

Finally, in answer to your question; yes, we would take and raise a child rather than allow it to be aborted. And, there others like us, who would gladly do the same.

But, first, you have to stop the abortion.

Thomas and Gretchen Robison