Eichelberger strays on health care front

I’d like to comment on Sen. John Eichelberger’s town hall meeting in McConnellsburg last month.

The senator denounced healthcare4allpa.org by saying “introducing another socialist healthcare bill is not what America is all about.”

The base pay for state lawmakers is the second highest (California is first) in the United States and with 10 years of service, they can retire at 55 and start drawing monthly pension benefits plus lifetime health care.

The lawmakers gave themselves special healthcare (the state employees healthcare package wasn’t good enough for them). This healthcare benefit is government run, single payer (your taxes pay it) healthcare. The senator must acknowledge his own healthcare benefits as pre-existing socialist healthcare.

The Pennsylvania Constitution, Article 2 Section 8, states “The members of the General Assembly shall receive such salary and mileage for regular and special sessions as shall be fixed by law and no other compensation.”

Why would the constitution ban lawmakers from having benefits? There are two functional reasons.

The first reason is if lawmakers get special benefits (lifetime health coverage), they would tend to want to stay in their jobs, thus creating a class of professional politicians. Sound familiar?

Secondly, if the lawmakers are granted special privileges, they are less likely to make those privileges available to the public that they are supposed to be serving.

How fast do you think everyone would have comprehensive healthcare if it wasn’t provided to the lawmakers beforehand?

The senator brings up a good point. Exactly what is America all about? The people who signed the Declaration of Independence rebelled against a supply-side, trickle down economic class system (the English Monarch System).

They declared “all men are created equal,” and they didn’t give themselves special privileges that their fellow Americans didn’t have.

Marty Hann