Editorial doesn’t speak for all of us

In regard to the Mirror editorial in Sunday’s paper, please don’t assume that the entire Altoona and Blair County community feels the same as you in regard to gun control.

I think that you are blaringly mistaken as is evidenced by the many letters which have been published in this paper.

Yes, some people are holding on very tight to the words written in the Second Amendment in 1791. However, many of us living in this community acknowledge that our country is facing a heinous state of affairs when we are averaging 13,000 gun deaths per year and twice that many in gun-related injuries.

Parents are worried about the welfare of their children at school, in church, on playgrounds and on the streets. Many of us are willing to accept whatever changes are necessary to stop the violence.

Again, please don’t speak for all of us. You are way, way off on what a large portion of your readership “advocates” as you stated.

Antoinette Bilik