Democratic party needs less ‘Shade’

Elizabeth K. Shade’s letter to the editor, especially concerning her rant and ravings about President Trump and his indiscretions, only solidified my opinion of how far the Democratic party has evolved.

Obviously, she has forgotten the allegations of sexual misconduct against John, Bobby and Ted Kennedy.

Bill Clinton “never had sex with that woman,” but the facts prove otherwise. A very wise man was quoted addressing a group of people poised to kill a woman accused of sexual indiscretion.

“Whosoever among you is without sin cast the first stone.”

No stones were cast, and I believe Shade should examine her conscience and at the same time check her closets.

As for illegal immigrants, the word illegal means someone broke the law. How would Shade feel if someone close to her was a victim of one of the aforementioned immigrants?

As for making America white, this is the kind of radical statement that ends to fuse distrust and even hate between the different races of people legally in this country. It’s very hateful rhetoric.

The Shade letter makes me wonder if mental health counseling is appropriate. Wake up and smell the roses.

“Lying Hillary” lost.

In 2020, elect a Democratic president and watch the country dissolve into nothing.

Romeo DeBartolome Jr.