Congress treats seniors unfairly

As I watched the Democrats act like spoiled children after the State of the Union, I could not help wonder what would happen if we had a nationwide disaster, like an attack from some flaky country like North Korea.

Could the Democrats get it together enough to respond? I wonder. They get very little else together.

Then there is the issue of former President Barack Obama giving millions to Iran and the Palestinians. My wife and I are on Social Security. We have not been given a dime in years, yet we give our enemies millions upon billions of dollars.

We on Social Security recently were provided a raise — just enough to cover the massive increase in Medicare premiums.

By law, the idiots in Congress are forbidden to raise the Medicare fee without giving us enough to cover it. Forget that gasoline is going up and up daily. Forget that other expenses, including food and lodging, are rising rapidly.

The thieves we call Congress gave us a raise. Yeah, right. If I were a Palestinian or illegal I would get a nice raise.

We on Social Security are thought of less than our enemies. The money Congress gives our enemies would give everyone on Social Security a very nice increase. Congress sees us as enemies, yet we do not get the benefits of one.

William Snyder Jr.