AASD should spend within its means

Has this happened to anyone? Your car is getting on in years, still functional but it will be needing some major repairs very soon.

Fix, or buy a new one?

You research and find the make and model that will fit what you can afford. You head out to the local dealer to check out the prices, and get a very nice salesperson who shows you just what you wanted.

You test drive and hoped to have just gone home to ruminate, but the salesperson convinces you to step inside to see what they can do for you.

After some time you have a firm deal, and it might be a more than you wanted to pay. But the car has all the features you wanted plus a whole lot more. It’s loaded.

It’s way fancier than you need but it will look good in the driveway. You hesitate and say that you really need to go home to think. But, says the salesperson, you do know that this great deal is only good for today. The cost will go up tomorrow.

Does this sound just like what’s facing the AASD school board? Really, if you wait, the price will go up? And this building will look really good and make students want to show up? How about we get some other prices and maybe knock 10-20 percent off the already too high price for this city.

This is not Fox Chapel. This is central Pennsylvania. And for those who buy into the sham of having a Taj Mahal that will make students learn better, or even show up instead of skipping school, it’s not the building that will excite our students.

It’s quality, excited teachers who are allowed to teach and are not bogged down with more government regulations.

Having these teachers implement the skills they possess rather than follow decrees from those who never step a foot in a classroom perhaps will raise the proficiency bar to 75 percent or higher.

Kudos to the elected new school board members who are listening to the voters.

Joe Maschue