Wolf, Shapiro lead us down wrong road

It is sad, at this time of the year when we are celebrating Christmas, to contemplate the actions of two of our leading government officials.

Gov. Thomas Wolf vetoed a bill that would have prohibited the dismemberment of the bodies of unborn children over 20 weeks gestation.

This bill would have prevented the dismemberment of the unborn child after science has shown that a child can feel pain, has brain function, a beating heart and is fully developed with the exception of growth.

Wolf, who has been a strong advocate of Planned Parenthood for most if not all of his adult public life, strongly supports that organization which has received more than four billion dollars in taxpayer funding during the past 10 years.

Hopefully, we will remember this action when Wolf seeks re-election.

The second leading state official who has sided with the radical feminists is Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

Shapiro has taken the Little Sisters of the Poor, who provide aid to the poor and elderly, to court — in an attempt to require them to provide abortifacients and contraceptives to their employees.

He has done this despite the Trump administration’s support for the religious rights of non-profit organizations like The Little Sisters who have a conscientious objection to providing such chemicals to their employees.

It appears that, in Pennsylvania at the present time, the right to life of the unborn and the religious rights of our citizens are being trampled in favor of groups and organizations such as Planned Parenthood, despite the efforts of our local state representatives, our local state senator and the Trump administration.

R. Thomas Forr Jr.