UPMC following trend vs. seniors

I am very disappointed at the news from UPMC telling us we can no longer choose what pharmacy we can use. It’s not fair.

I have been with Thompson’s Pharmacy for over 50 years, and they have always treated me well. That family has done so much for our community, why is it not good enough now for UPMC?

UPMC wants the monopoly of everything.

What happened to helping small businesses stay and grow in our town, keeping America strong? That’s why we have the Chamber of Commerce to help keep our community growing. What UPMC is doing is keeping their medical corporation owning everything.

We are losing our freedom of choice.

Also, do we really need to spend millions on a new school when we are over our heads now with the budget?

The seniors are being taxed out of their homes, and the cost of living increase in our pension is a big joke. Medicare gets that.

It seems we don’t get a vote on what happens to us. We need to unite and take back our right to choose what we need.

Delores Miller