State legislature must leave our benefits alone

On Jan. 19, there was a story that some “economists” are suggesting that our state lawmakers use the state personal income tax for other than working people.

They are suggesting that our overpaid, underworked state legislators tax social security and other retirement benefits.

I would like to suggest that they leave those benefits alone. This is because those of us who are on fixed income are being taxed to death.

If you don’t believe me, watch the obituary page. They say it is after a long life, or extended illness, but it is in reality that those people and myself were/are trying to decide whether to pay all these taxes being levied on us — not just by the state legislators, but the county commissioners, school districts and city government.

My COLA raises have more than been eaten up by all the taxing entities, and I/we don’t need any more taxes.

What we need is for these “economists” to tell the taxing entities how to cut costs, including their more than generous salaries.

If they ever learn to cut their costs intelligently, then maybe they will be able to levy taxes fairly for all — not just to pay their special projects but to actually pay for what is really needed.

William Harber