School board must not delay success of kids

To the members on the Altoona Area School Board who are parents of young children:

Do you honestly want your future grandchildren 40 years from now to grow up looking forward to attending the current B building?

How does it make you feel, knowing that generations yet to come will be afraid of pipes bursting mid-day or of a fowl stench coming from a decaying building?

It would be a tremendous travesty for the next era of Altoona Area High School students if they were forced to attend school in the B building’s current state.

Nearly every individual speaking out against the new school will never take a seat at a desk.

The current truancy problem could be alleviated if the kids had something to get excited about.

Constructing a culture that is attractive to the actual recipients of an education is the route that I would vote to take.

School board members: You do not want to be remembered as the group who kicked the can down the road for a future group of board members to deal with at an even greater fiscal cost than as it stands today.

Don’t delay the success of our community’s children.

It’s time that we let the past die, let the old buildings crumble and gift our children an open and accessible 21st century facility that is conducive to learning.

Let’s move forward with a new school and uplift our children with everything we’ve got.

The kids will thank us later.

Jay Reeves