Parents must monitor kids and their phones

On Jan. 8, there was a report that certain entities in that “great” state of California have stated that they urge Apple, Inc. to do something to stop or reduce smart phone addiction in children.

It has always been my way of thinking that it is not the manufacturer’s duty to keep people, adults and children, from becoming addicted to whatever the hottest thing on the market is.

There are people who become addicted to the Internet, video games and whatever the hottest item is, and there is no call for other manufacturers or creators of these things to keep people from becoming addicted.

As far as children and smart phones, I feel that it is the parent’s responsibility to keep the children from becoming addicted. In fact, I feel that if a child can’t be deemed responsible to have any kind of cell phone, that child — no matter their age whether in grade school, high school, or of college age — should not be in possession of such a phone.

I know that I will catch a bunch of flack from the above opinion, but I know of certain children who don’t know how to keep their phone in check, and also who have run their parents’ cell phone bill through the proverbial roof.

That is why I feel those “wise” people in California don’t know what they are talking about.

William H. Harber