No way around it: Spending must be cut

After reading the Mirror on Jan. 19, I have to ask myself once again: When is it enough?

It appears some of our elected representatives are considering taking more of our money to support their spending addiction and we become the suckers.

If they have their way, retired Pennsylvania residents will see their retirements taxed to generate more revenue to cover Pennsylvania’s general fund blank check. Remember, just because it’s legal, doesn’t make it right.

My general fund is in serious need of additional revenue. I’m at the bottom of the tax-food chain, and all I see is a continuous drain from my personal general fund.

Knock off the spending, people. This is clearly the problem at every level of government these days. All we’re asking you is to abide by the law, adhere to your constitutional oath and fulfill your responsibilities to the people of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania is the victim of out-of-control spending that leads to borrowing and tax hikes which stifle investment and harm hard-working employees and retired residents on fixed incomes.

It’s about time elected officials start following the law in a responsible manner so Pennsylvanians can enjoy a better future. Government is in place to ensure taxpayers receive the essential services they are paying for.

A lot of funds are being used for things like building sports complexes and other non-essential, nice-to-have-but-not-necessary projects. Fiscal conservatism would be a welcome addition and go a long way toward reducing unnecessary spending.

Maybe lawmakers should consider giving back to those who have faithfully supported them. When government gets pay hikes, taxpayers get additional taxes. Pay attention, Harrisburg. We’re not your personal ATM so stop sticking that tax card into us.

You want to balance a budget and get your house in order to address long-standing fiscal issues, stop spending money on frivolous things and focus on the essentials.

Knock off those backroom deals and put the taxpayers first for a change.

We’re looking at a financial disaster and it isn’t because Social Security payments and retirement contributions are exempt. The legislature is in the trick bag because we have an inadequate tax base that doesn’t support government spending. Why is that?

Want to build a sports complex or a fun park? Do it with private funds through donations not tax dollars.

Consider the affect other tax increases like the impact of the recent Blair County Property Reassessment already had on resident property owners. Harrisburg has already forgotten the present financial struggle that every area resident and community is currently facing.

Our senior population is growing at a rate 20 times faster than Pennsylvania’s overall population. Predictions are by 2025, more than one in five Pennsylvania residents will be 65 or older, according to projections from the U.S. Census and the State Data Center.

I bet the folks who support special interests are frothing at the possibility of getting their hands on our retirements. Don’t let that happen.

Communities, school districts and others taxing bodies will continue collecting taxes, and those taxes will continue to increase, so what is the answer?

Cutting spending at all levels is the only alternative. Knock off the unnecessary stuff and focus on what’s important.

Streamline governmental business practices with a firm focus on spending cuts.

I can’t say it enough: Any tax increases on those who have already been taxed to death isn’t the answer.

William Fink