New school won’t guarantee success

New schools and new trends in education do not make students more intelligent.

The evidence proves that.

In the last 20 years, America has spent hundreds of billions of dollars on new schools, changed education methods, and the students are worse off.

In the meantime, the students of East Asian countries, in the last 20 years, have led the world in math and science. They have not spent huge amounts of money on new schools but focused on education.

America is 31st in math, 24th in science and 21st in reading, compared to the rest of the world.

Vietnam is 16th in math and seventh in science. Could Altoona school board members, who keep bleeding taxpayers, tell us how many schools in Vietnam cost

$50 million or more?

Compared to 17 school districts in Blair, Cambria and Bedford counties, Altoona is 16th. Some are far ahead of Altoona.

Superintendent Charles Prijatelj said, “We need to do things differently.”

Something different does not make it better. Prijatelj believes more homework is the answer, but this could cause grades to go lower.

You cannot force students to learn. You have to make them want to learn. It is not the quantity of work they do. It is the quality that counts.

From the 1950s into the 1990s, no country could compete with American students. It seems like the old education methods were better.

Dennis C. Shore