County promotes economic slavery

What do I mean by economic slavery? Economic slavery is when the people are enslaved to pay more and more taxes from their hard-earned money with no derived benefits.

For example, let’s take a look at the Blair County commissioners. Recently they did a reassessment of taxpayers’ properties, which was a joke due to the inflated values that resulted from that reassessment.

On top of that, they are now increasing the taxes on that same property by 25 percent.

What this tells me — and what should be obvious to everyone — is that the individuals in the positions to make these decisions have failed us.

The commissioners, over the course of numerous budget years, made a conscious decision to not contribute to the pension fund for county personnel. The commissioners have now chosen to correct the consequences caused by their wrong decision by enslaving the taxpayers of Blair County to make up the difference.

Obviously, there was little thought as to how the people who live on fixed incomes, have mortgages, taxes, health-care costs, child care, etc., were going to adjust their budgets to solve this problem.

In other words, little thought was given to the hardships that the taxpayers will face; just that this extra tax money would resolve the problems that the commissioners created. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of us had the option to ask others to pay off debts that we created.

It appears that the commissioners have not made any attempts to generate new industry and/or manufacturing jobs in our county.

When faced with the problem that the commissioners themselves have created, one would think that they would be searching for other ways to expand their tax base that would not punish the taxpayers in the county.

However, when the suggestion of bringing a casino into the area was recently raised, they were quick to reject that option, despite the fact that it would have brought more jobs, economic benefits and tax relief to the area.

My question is what is it going to take to get the right people in these positions? Blair County needs individuals who will spend the time to get to know the people in order to realize what is needed for Blair County to not only survive but to prosper.

We all need to carefully consider whom we put into office to determine the fate of Blair County. If we continue to vote to retain the same individuals, then we will only prove that we are as uninformed and gullible as both the former and current Commissioners think and hope that we are.

The commissioners have demonstrated that they do not have our best interests on their agenda. Hopefully we will start putting our best interests at the top of our own agendas by voting them out during the next election.

Gary Kimmel