Bruscoe sentence was far too light

I don’t often agree with the “our view” commentary in the Mirror, but I agree completely with the view in the Dec. 22 edition concerning Mark Bruscoe’s sentence.

A few days after his sentence was in the paper, there was another article about a man who sucker-punched a man with a disability. The offender was sentenced to three to six years in prison. I assume this was because the man he assaulted was defenseless.

Weren’t the three women in the car that Bruscoe rear-ended also defenseless? They were caught unaware without any warning of what was about to happen.

His attorney can call this an “accident” all he wants, but accidents can be prevented with a little bit of due diligence from a supposed responsible adult. Something caused the accident. When you are driving a vehicle, you are supposed to be aware of your surroundings.

Why wasn’t Bruscoe?

He said he was sorry, so I guess that makes all the difference.

Considering Bruscoe’s prior traffic violations, this is a complete miscarriage of justice.

Elizabeth K. Shade